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CNG 20-50

Customers Reviews:

CNG (20-50) Gas Engine oil is gas Engine oil intended for use in light-duty vehicles running CNG, LPG or propane. It is formulated form selected additives to provide superior detergency and dispersancy, oxidation resistance and protection against engine wear and corrosion.

Product Feature & Application Benefit

  • Suitable for use in all seasons and help in reducing oil consumption.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration.
  • Protect against scuffing and water.
  • Protect against rush and corrosion.
  • Protect against valve stem deposits and valve recession.

Packing Size:

210 Ltrs.,50 Ltrs.,20 Ltrs.,10 Ltrs.,1 Ltr

Details Of Product


1 Kin Viscosity,cSt@100°C 12-16
2 V.I. (min) 120
2 Flash Point (COC)°, Min 220
3 Pour Point °C, Max -24

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