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5 W 30

Engine Oil
Customers Reviews:

5W30 oils is blended from high quality based stocks and balanced additive pakages wirh anti-oxidants, antiwar, anti-corrosion detergent and anti form agent.

Product Feature & Application Benefit

  • High viscosity index to restrict viscosity changes under pirating condition.
  • Good films & anti-war properties to minimize good de-mulsibility for quick          separating of water.
  • Good thermal & oxidation stability to ensure longer filter and lubricating              life.
  • Suitable for circulation oil systems of machine tools.
  • High resistance capacity to corrosion & foaming into the system.

Packing Size:

210 Ltrs.,50 Ltrs.,20 Ltrs.,10 Ltrs.,1 Ltr

Details Of Product


1 Viscosity CST @ 100 °C 14-16
2 Flash Point (COC)° Min 220
3 Pour Point °C, Max -24
4 Viscosity Index 120
5 Tbn Mg KOH/GN 10-20

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